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Purchasing skin care products that actually work can often be quite the feat. Searching for bottles and containers that include the words “natural, organic, chemical-free and eco-friendly” is hard enough. And even when you seem to find them, there is a good chance that what those products claim to be is not the truth. A very common misconception when it comes to skin care products is that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ mean the same thing. While a product can be both natural and organic, not every natural product is organic, or even entirely natural for that matter. This is why it is beyond important that you know for sure that the products you are putting on your skin are as organic as they claim to be. As a trusted day spa in Rochester, RELAX knows the very best products you should be using on your skin. But first, we’d like to tell you why organic is the right way to go.


What Does ‘Organic’ Mean?

When a product is certified by the USDA as organic, this indicates it is made of 95 percent or more of organic ingredients that have been derived from plant sources. All of the ingredients have been grown free of pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers and bioengineered genes, which are toxic to the environment and definitely harmful to your skin. The ingredients were also likely farmed using organic methods and were derived from natural sources that do not contain synthetic compounds.





What are the Benefits of Using Organic Products?

There are a number of incredible benefits to using organic skin care products. As we have already mentioned, going organic means you don’t have to worry about what sort of potential pathogens or toxins are in the products you are putting on your skin. However, this is not the only perk of investing in organic. Let’s take a look at a few more:

Everything smells better

This may not be a benefit that you were aware of, but organic products always smell much better than those that contain chemicals. All natural products get their scent from essential oils, so it’s the real deal when you use a rose or lavender-scented product. While it may take you a bit to really notice the difference between imitation fragrances and natural fragrances, eventually you will be able to tell the two apart easily. This is very likely to result in you never buying the fake stuff ever again.

Your skin will feel better

This benefit is most often noted by those who switch from drugstore products to true organic skin care. When you purchase your face cleansers and lotions at a convenience store, you are likely buying a product that contains drying agents. These leave your skin feeling scratchy and not moisturized. On the other hand, when you use organic products there are no drying agents and therefore your skin can retain moisture much more, leaving it soft and smooth.


You may experience a decreased number of blemishes

There is also a large number of people who report that their skin has begun to clear up shortly after they begin using organic skin care products. This is often the way the skin reacts once toxic products are relaxed with natural pure ingredients.


You will save money in the long run

This may seem a bit counterintuitive. Yes, organic products tend to be a bit more pricey than those $8 drugstore purchases. Yet think about how much money you have spent trying to find the perfect product that doesn’t dry out your skin, give you blemishes or make your skin feel and look oily. When you invest in a quality product, it is sure to give you the results you are looking for. This allows you to spend less time on skin care trial and error with more money in your pocket.


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