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Benefits of Massage


Surprising Benefits You May Not Have Known About



Massage is Effective

Whether you are a proponent of getting regular massages or you have only considered it in the past, there is plenty of evidence supporting the advantages of having a professional massage every once in a while. If this practice didn’t offer so many benefits, it certainly would not have been used since ancient times in order to promote healing and eliminate pain. While there are several different types of massage, the majority of them offer the same benefits. Sure, massage may not be a substitute for other types of medical care, but when it is used with other treatments, it has been shown to be extremely effective. If you want to know more about how massage can positively impact your life, continue reading below!


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The Powerful Ally You Are Looking For

When all is considered, there is simply no denying how powerful bodywork can really be. Even though massages are associated with pampering and rejuvenation, the real reason to have this sort of treatment is to better your muscles and the rest of your body. This makes massage an extremely powerful part of any healthcare regimen.


Did you know that experts estimate that more than ninety percent of diseases are stress related? Let’s be honest, we are all trying to remain as young as possible both physically and at heart, so why wouldn’t we use every tool at our disposal to eliminate the thing that will age us faster than anything else. Managing stress is an extremely important component to having a long and happy life. Massage is just one of the ways in which you can do this as well as decrease your overall anxiety, enhance the quality of sleep you are getting, give you more energy, increase your concentration and circulation, and reduce your overall fatigue. Additionally, many people who get regular professional massages report that they seem to have more clarity in all aspects of their life after a visit to their massage therapist’s office, making the mental benefits just as important as the physical ones.



The benefits of massage


Surprising Massage Benefits to Know

Along with the well-known benefits of massage, there are also many positive effects that massage can have on people that you may not have been aware of in the past. Research has shown that the following are just a few of the profound effects massage can have on the body:


  • Those people who suffer from arthritis note that they experience far less stiffness, pain and fewer aches when they are having regular massages.
  • Children who have asthma show much better pulmonary function and far more increase in peak air flow.
  • Preterm infants gain weight more quickly.
  • Women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome find that they have decreased water retention and cramping.
  • Patients who have high blood pressure see a decrease in their blood pressure, as well as their overall anxiety and stress-producing hormones.


The More Often, The Better

Not only does massage offer a myriad of health benefits, but when you choose to get massaged more frequently, you can reap the many positive aspects that come from this treatment even more than you would have otherwise. If we were you, we would absolutely make time for regularly scheduled self-care in the form of massages. Making massages an integral part of your health regimen will surely benefit you in the future. If you’re ready to start receiving the benefits of massage, call RELAX The Spa in Rochester today. We would be happy to make you an appointment that will increase your overall health.


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Uncovering the Profound Effects of Massage

In order for you to know better all of the benefits of massage, we had better tell you what they are. Check out the extensive list below:

  • Massage is known to alleviate lower back pain and improve the overall range of motion patients are able to achieve.
  • Help mothers who are expecting a child in making their labor easier and shorter, limiting the total amount of time required for her to stay in the hospital.
  • Lessen the dependence those who experience chronic pain have to prescription medications.
  • Massage stimulates the lymph flow in the body which is known to enhance overall immunity, allowing the body to fend off infections and harmful bacteria.
  • Muscles are stretched and exercised to help bring them back to life when they are weak or atrophied.
  • Increase overall joint flexibility in the body.
  • Decrease the amount of depression and anxiety felt by the person receiving the massage both during and after the treatment is complete.
  • Massages also are known to promote the regeneration of tissue to help repair things like stretch marks and scar tissue.
  • Reduce the amount of swelling post surgery
  • Relax and soften muscles that may be overworked, injured, tired, or sore.
  • Relieve migraine pain.
  • Release endorphins - which works as the body’s natural pain reliever.