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At RELAX The Spa, our indulging massages utilize a selection of blissful techniques and treatments to refresh and revitalize you from head to toe. A variety of massage techniques and methods are used to manipulate the soft tissue, increase circulation and boost your metabolism. Feel stress and tension slip away during a RELAX The Spa massage.



RELAX Organic Antioxidant Massage

This relaxing Swedish massage infuses vitamins and antioxidants with all-natural apricot body oil. A unique blend of grape seed, jojoba, sea buckthorn and superfood pomegranate oils hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin. Botanically derived vitamins A, C and Coenzyme Q10 ensure your body is on the road to wellness.
50 Minutes $115
80 Minutes $155  


Hot Stone Massage

Warmed river stones are incorporated with classic Swedish massage techniques in this deeply relaxing full-body massage. Releases muscle tension, increases circulation and flexibility.
*Hot Stone massage not suitable for those with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or pregnancy.
50 Minutes $110
80 Minutes $150   

110 Minutes $205



Stretching Yoga Massage

Deep stretching, rhythmic compression and acupressure combine for a Yoga-like massage. Relieves aching muscles and increases energy. Please wear loose fitting clothing.
50 Minutes $95



Deep Tissue Massage

This intensive treatment combines stimulating massage techniques to melt fascia in over-stressed muscles. Deep Tissue Massages open the joints and work out the knots with unique stretches and trigger point therapy to release tension.
50 Minutes $100
80 Minutes $140 



Couples Massage

RELAX as two therapists perform side-by-side Swedish massages that encourage unity, connection and collective calm. Enjoy a luxurious private spa room and soothing sounds to help ease stress and unwind. (Call 585-412-4994 to schedule Couples Massage)
50 Minutes $180   
80 Minutes $260   


Swedish Massage

Indulge with this relaxing treatment that involves long broad strokes, with kneading and friction, to improve circulation and alleviate stress and fatigue. Perfect for those who seek simple relaxation.
50 Minutes $90   
80 Minutes $130 
110 Minutes $185



Back & Shoulder Massage

An invigorating experience, this upper body massage is the perfect remedy to specific problem areas, awakening the mind and unwinding achy muscles.
50 Minutes $90  



Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology therapy will leave you walking on clouds. This ancient ritual focuses on pressure points on the soles of your feet, restoring energy pathways throughout your body.
25 Minutes $50 
50 Minutes $85  



Pregnancy Massage 

Providing comfort and care during this special time, the gentle touch of massage coupled with careful stretching during pregnancy benefits both mother and baby. Available in the second and third trimester.
50 Minutes $95   
80 Minutes $135 



Soaking Tub

Sink into our tub for a 20-minute soak. Add this to any luxury spa treatment.

20 Minutes $50



RELAX Escape

With a blissful combination of several different treatments, RELAX Escape aims to restore balance, increase energy and detoxify the body. The RELAX Escape journey includes a foot cleanse, invigorating full body exfoliation, healing hot stone massage with organic oil, a pressure point scalp treatment and reflexology.
110 Minutes $225


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There is no denying the relaxation and rejuvenation of a massage on spa day, especially if you are overdue! But getting a massage is a lot more than just a therapeutic escape. Research continues to show that bodywork leads to profound chemical and physiological benefits that range from treating chronic diseases and disorders to relieving tensions from everyday life. If you need any more reason to book your next spa day, here are 29 health benefits from massages!


1)        Relieves stress

2)        Boosts immunity

3)        Reduces anxiety

4)        Manages lower-back pain

5)        Helps fibromyalgia pain

6)        Reduces muscle tension

7)        Enhances exercise performance

8)        Improves cardiovascular health

9)        Reduces the pain of osteoarthritis

10)      Sleep better

11)      Eases symptoms of depression

12)      Decreases stress in cancer patients

13)      Improves balance in older adults


14)    Decreases rheumatoid arthritis pain

15)    Tempers effects of dementia

16)    Promotes relaxation

17)    Lowers blood pressure

18)    Decreases symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

19)    Helps chronic neck pain

20)    Relieves tension headaches

21)    Lowers joint replacement pain

22)    Increases range of motion

23)    Decreases migraine frequency

24)    Improves the quality of life in hospice care

25)    Reduces chemotherapy-related nausea

26)    Promotes mental alertness

27)    Enhances skin tone and skin health

28)    Increases joint flexibility

29)    Improves circulation


Getting a Rochester massage can do your body wonders. You can even make a standing appointment for every 3-6 weeks.


Call today to schedule your Rochester massage at (585) 412-4994 or book online at Book Now.  RELAX The Spa is Rochester's premier luxury day spa, located in Victor across from Eastview Mall.



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