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CBD Massage

Anti-inflammation, Antioxidants and Anti-Anxiety

Try this all-natural massage without the "high" of marijuana








Why Choose CBD Massage at RELAX The Spa Rochester?

RELAX The Spa’s 80 minute CBD massage uses oil that is organically and sustainably grown by Hempfield Botanicals. This treatment, along with hot pads and cupping, will rejuvenate even the sorest body. The CBD massage compound is highly regarded for anti-inflammation, antioxidants and anti-anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in cannabis, but unlike THC, CBD does not change a person's state of mind.  You won't get "high" from this massage or the CBD oils made from hemp.


And now, RELAX The Spa Rochester is applying a CBD oil to its latest massage for the ingredient’s remarkable wholistic medicinal advantages.



What is Used in the CBD Massage?

Cannabidiol is infused into massage oils, lotions and balms and used topically during a treatment. The combination of all of these factors will result in the most relaxing massage you have experienced.


What are the Benefits of the CBD Massage in Rochester?

Not only is this massage therapeutic, but it also has many health benefits. Medical News Today explains scientific and clinical research have identified CBD as a potential healing and treatment agent for, but not limited to, alcoholism, anxiety, arthritis, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders and PTSD.


Are There Any Trouble Areas with CBD?

CBD doesn’t have many health related concerns. One of the biggest issues has to do with skin sensitivity. As with any topical lotion or oil, there is a chance sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction.  

Make sure you contact your physician if you have any doubts about getting this treatment. This new CBD massage in Rochester offered at RELAX The Spa is a revolutionary practice that could all around improve your health.  Hemp massage Rochester and CBD oil massage Rochester are popular requests from our day spa guests.


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This Green Revolutionary Massage Can Improve Your Health

RELAX The Spa is now offering a CBD Massage, which uses oils and lotions infused with cannabidiol to improve your body both mentally and physically.