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4 Health Benefits of Pedicures

On average a person travels 1,300 miles by foot per year, pacing over sandy dunes, carrying the week’s groceries and jogging on pavement.

When all is said and done, our feet deserve a standing ovation – or at least a pedicure.


Yes, pedicures are a special relaxing treat, but they also include significant health benefits that support and nurture the two points that keep us consistently grounded and are quite literally our first form of transportation.


To show appreciation to these ten digits, we’re sharing four health-orientated reasons to book your next pedicure.


Promotes Circulation

Pairing with a pedicure, a foot massage is more than just a stress-freeing service. Below the skin’s surface good circulation is taking place. Toxins are also being released from your lymphatic fluid and back to the heart to be properly cleaned.


Proactive Treatment
Clipping and cutting as well as exfoliation curbs calluses. Through the foot-focused deep cleaning that pedicures provide, nail-related infections are proactively prevented and unwelcomed smells eliminated.


Preserves Skin’s Moisture

Cracks and dry skin not only affect appearance but also leave you susceptible to small cuts. By locking in layer penetrating moisture, the feet’s skin stays fresh and firm to fight off additional damage.


Look Good, Feel Good

This is an opportunity to release yourself of heavy work and life related thoughts, poising you for prime relaxation. An extra bonus is it also produces endorphins that nurture positive mental health and your emotional state.

Now that you’re in the know of why pedicures are good for your overall health, why are you still standing there? Jog, skip, sprint or simply walk over to RELAX – The Spa Rochester to book your next pedicure today. Your feet will thank you.


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