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Savvy Girl Style Spa Day in Rochester

I believe this was my third time at Relax and every experience seems to be better than the last. From walking into the front door where the receptionist greets you by opening the door for you, to walking out feeling refreshed and relaxed; Relax the Spa captures every element of bliss and relaxation wrapped into each experience. Read More

4 Health Benefits of Pedicures

Pedicures are a special relaxing treat, but they also include significant health benefits that support and nurture the two points that keep us consistently grounded and are quite literally our first form of transportation. Read More

5 Foods You Should Eat to Build Healthy Skin

You are what you eat. For healthy skin, choose wisely. “I tell my patients that what they put in their mouths is as important as the products they apply on their skin,” says Dr. Jessica Wu (dermatologist and creator of Dr. Jessica Wu Skincare). Read More

Lavender-Infused Spa Massage Body Treatment

Properly celebrate spring with us in Rochester, N.Y. by scheduling a wildflower. A full-body skin treatment that nourishes and hydrates every inch of your skin with organic skin care products. Read More

How to Keep Nails From Breaking

The health and strength of your nails relies on small consistent efforts, most of which are inexpensive. Read More