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5 Tips to Let it Glow with RELAX The Spa’s Brightening Facials

If you ask any woman if they felt the need to improve their complexion, the majority would answer yes. Having bright and healthy skin does not always come naturally; it requires a persistent and healthy lifestyle and skincare routine. Read More

The Best Ingredients for Facing Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Can React to Many Different Triggers - A few examples are heat, cold, wind, sun exposure, stress, fragrances… you name it can make your skin sensitive. Your Skin Care Products may be Causing your Irritations - Applying too many products at once can sometimes irritate your skin. The key is understanding your skin type and combining the right ingredients together. Read More

Top 5 Benefits from a RELAX The Spa Rochester Massage

Treat yourself or your loved one to a massage this holiday season. Discover the top 5 benefits of a relaxing massage. A gift card for a massage in Rochester makes the perfect holiday gift. Read More

Restore and Renew a Whole New You ­– Experience Relax The Spa Rochester’s Best Services

Relax The Spa Rochester offers a variety of quality and luxury services, our trained estheticians are here to provide you with unique treatments tailored to your needs. Allow yourself to open your mind and enjoy Relax The Spa’s Signature Services. Read More