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How To Have Flawless Skin Like Your Favorite Celebrities

For National Healthy Skin month, RELAX The Spa in Rochester shares skincare tips backed by some of our favorite celebrities. Read More

5 Options for Plumper Lips

Get the plump lips you’ve always wanted! Research these options. Read More

Age Is But A Number With These Unique Youthful Facials

Want healthier, younger looking skin? Try out these high-end anti-aging facials that target specific trouble areas. Read More

The Big Buzzword Missing From Your Training Regimen

Use different massage techniques as a way to increase blood circulation for muscle recovery after your intense workout. Read More

Calling All Autumn Aficionados: We Did This For You

Our Rochester day spa is adding three sweet, seasonal service add-ons for those who adore autumn and are looking for an extra special treat this fall. Read More

Think Pink This October: Encourage Early Detection

This October, take the opportunity to share the significance of Breast Cancer early detection with your family and friends. Read More

Mom and Baby Approved: Why Prenatal Massages Are Worth Your Time

Prenatal massages remove the stress, aches and pains associated with pregnancy in the second and third trimesters. Gentle techniques in key areas make pregnancy massages a gift giving favorite for expecting mothers. Read More

5 Ways to Feel More Polished at Work

Add these five affordable and easy tips to look as confident as you feel. Read More

Parents: Is it Goodbye or Hello?

The back-to-school timeframe comes with mixed emotions. We’re sad to see our spunky-spirited little ones go, but we’re all about finding extra me time, especially when it includes the Rochester day spa. Read More

What’s Better Than Free Food?

With the semester and school year about to begin for college students in Central New York, our Rochester day spa has something special just for you. Read More