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RELAX The Spa is a luxury brand and is an excellent cotenant in developments with other luxury brands.  When you think of high end clothing, grocery shopping, jewelry, fitness wear, cosmetics, and restaurants then we also want you to think of the high end luxury experience called RELAX The Spa.

Our store footprint of 3,500-4,500 square feet is the perfect fit for luxury brand strip malls.  The footprint also allows you to maximize the treatment room efficiency while not paying excess rent for space that is not required.

As soon as the franchise agreement is signed you will be assigned to our real estate consultant.  The consultant will work with a tenant representative real estate broker in your area.  The consultant and real estate broker will arrange for a tour of properties in areas that have demographics that will support a RELAX The Spa and have good cotenancy.  Our consultant will step you through the process of Letter of Intent and Lease Negotiation. 

Interested in Franchising?

Let us know and we will contact you.