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Back to School Means Back to Spa for Moms

Over summer break, every mom said she REALLY needed a massage and a pedicure but never scheduled in time for herself.

Now the summer vacation is over and life will soon return to normal.  There are stressed parents everywhere looking for some respite, and a little treat after the weeks of ‘Mom, I’m bored’ from the little darlings. So why not schedule a little spa time during back to school --  that will soothe and restore you again?

Most Moms spent a lot of the summer break on their feet. Whether they’ve been on a vacation with the kids, on day trips or just running around after them constantly, the first part of their body (well, other than their nerves) that needs to recuperate is probably their feet. Bring back overall stress relief, well-being and foot care with a reflexology foot massage or pedicure.

Another area that busy moms neglect when the kids are home is their own personal grooming. Let’s be honest, who has the time for a wax, a facial or manicure when they have a houseful of little ones to keep entertained? Taking them to the salon is a no-no so after a few weeks, unless they’ve managed to sneak off for an afternoon of me-time, they’ll be in need of some upkeep. Time to schedule your manicure, hydrafacial and waxing now.

A massage visit is always a winner with moms who have been feeling stressed from all the extra demands of their kids. Choose from hot stone, deep tissue, swedish full body, reflexology or back/neck & shoulder massages. 

‘Back to school and back to YOU’ –  time for moms to schedule the spa appointment, and get back to feeling more like themselves after a frazzled summer.

The main thing to remember is that for weeks, moms everywhere have been focusing on everyone but themselves – so back to school is the right time to put the focus right back onto moms.  Time to get back to the spa!  Visit http://rochester.relaxthespa.com/promotions for current promotions or call 585-412-4994.  Schedule online using our RELAX The Spa Rochester App – free in the app store.