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Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is a classic soothing ingredient. Often used in treatments to help calm or aid in sleep, the oil is a beneficial ingredient used at RELAX The Spa. To help you understand the plethora of benefits accompanied with lavender, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite lavender trivia.

Lavender improves circulation

            One of the most surprising effects of lavender is that it is good for improving blood circulation. Aromatherapy using lavender essential oils has been proven to lower both blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone). Try our Ocean & Lavender Sugar Glow Body Treatment for soothed muscles, nourished skin, and a relaxed mind.

Lavender heals

            Lavender promotes new cell growth and can expedite the healing process of skin abrasions and burns. In addition, it is an antiseptic! It can kill germs in the same cuts, burns, and abrasions.

Lavender is an expectorant

            By promoting deep breathing and breaking up congestion, lavender combined in a warm spa treatment is a wonderful natural expectorant.

Lavender has a deep history

            The history of lavender being used for healing powers goes back centuries; Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used lavender for its well-rounded benefits. From taking advantage of it as a remedy for aches and pains, to a cure for insomnia and stress, even these ancient groups had an affinity for the flower’s power. In our spa, lavender holds a special place in a variety of treatments, including our Lavender and Seaweed Scrub Pedicure. Enjoy this relaxing treatment that combines a cleansing soak, scrub and nail shaping, with a hot stone foot massage for ultimate pedicure bliss.

Lavender improves mental health

            Mental health is as important as physical health, and is certainly included in the advantages of lavender.  Lavender has the ability to improve mood, sense of alertness, and brain activity. By relaxing and relieving stress, it can help improve sleep patterns increase overall mental alertness and energy during the day. These components help reduce mental stress and other issues. Our Rainfall Nights Body Treatment incorporates essential oils into a massage and Vichy shower combination to soothe you and your muscles and help restore natural sleep patterns.


These are just a few of our favorite lavender uses, and are reasons that we use lavender oils in several treatments we offer at RELAX The Spa. In a place like Rochester, we can all use a spa day to relieve stress in our lives, and adding lavender to that equation enhances the experience in many unexpected ways. To schedule your spa day getaway, head to RELAX The Spa to book your dream spa day. Call 585-412-4994 or visit www.Rochester.relaxthespa.com