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Back to School Means Back to Spa for Moms

Most Moms spent a lot of the summer break on their feet. Whether they’ve been on a vacation with the kids, on day trips or just running around after them constantly, the first part of their body (well, other than their nerves) that needs to recuperate is probably their feet. Bring back overall stress relief, well-being and foot care with a reflexology foot massage or a relaxing pedicure. Read More

Best Spa in Rochester

The best spa in Rochester is RELAX The Spa Rochester, a full service, upscale day spa, conveniently located across from Eastview Mall in Victor. The emphasis is on both wellness and beauty here, with more than 70 treatments on the menu and an environment that both soothes and nurtures. Fluffy white robes, loose leaf hot teas and serene lighting set the mood for relaxation. In a city that can wreak havoc on a body from head to toe, RELAX The Spa ... Read More

Summer Sun Revival

Summer was all fun and games until your skin and hair became damaged- but it’s not the end of the world! Here are 5 tips we have on revitalizing yourself as the sun sets on summer. Read More

Why a Prenatal Massage Might Help You

Many expectant mothers have questions about getting a massage while pregnant. At RELAX The Spa, Rochester’s favorite day spa; we love to help women understand the benefits of prenatal massages. Here, we’ve given our top 12 benefits of a mommy-to-be massage. Read More

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is a classic soothing ingredient. Often used in treatments to help calm or aid in sleep, the oil is a beneficial ingredient used at RELAX The Spa. To help you understand the plethora of benefits accompanied with lavender, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite lavender trivia. Read More