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What to Expect from a Vichy Shower Experience

Have you scheduled a Vichy shower experience at RELAX The Spa but you’re unsure what to expect? Or are you considering a Vichy treatment but don’t know the proper Vichy etiquette? Services such as a Detoxifying Mud Wrap, Ocean & Lavender Sugar Glow and Rainfall Nights utilize the Vichy Shower at Rochester’s favorite day spa.  We are here to prepare you for a flawless experience and treatment in Rochester.

            The Rochester day spa’s concierge can answer questions about spa treatments on the phone when you schedule your reservation. If you made your reservation online or thought of a question later, you can call the spa to ask a hospitality team member questions. We are available seven days a week at (585) 412-4994. More detailed questions about individual needs can be discussed with your spa professional just prior to beginning your treatment.

            When preparing what to wear to the spa, we recommend loose fitting clothing for after the treatment to nurture circulation and help achieve optimal Vichy treatment results. As with any spa reservation, we recommend arriving 30 minutes early for new guests, and 20 minutes early for returning guests of the spa. This allows you time to use the restroom, change, and enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea prior to treatment. Tardiness to an appointment can and will cut short the length of your treatment. We recommend that you leave your mobile phone and electronic devices in your locker. It’s best to use your spa time to relax and get away from every email, phone call, and responsibility that awaits you outside of the spa doors. Each one of the lockers in the locker rooms include an outlet to charge your devices while you relax. Leave jewelry and valuables at home so you don’t forget them in your robe pocket or in the treatment rooms.

            During your Vichy shower experience we want you to be completely comfortable and relaxed. Speak up and let your therapist know if you have any concerns or issues during your treatment. The spa professional can adjust water temperature if you prefer just warm water (rather than alternating warm and cold) during your treatment. If you feel the water pressure is too much or you begin to feel dizzy please let your massage therapist know immediately. There should never be any discomfort or pain during your Vichy shower treatment.

            Most Vichy shower experiences includes a full body massage, during which you will be fully draped to ensure modesty and comfort at all times. If there are any specific muscle groups you would like targeted or avoided, this can be discussed with your therapist prior to your treatment. Again, if you experience any type of discomfort, let your massage therapists know immediately. After the completion of the treatment, your therapist will help you rise from the table, as some guests get slightly light headed during the Vichy shower. Once you are comfortably up, your therapist will leave for you to dry off and dress into your robe and sandals.

            Now that you are prepared on what to expect during a Vichy shower experience, we encourage you to book one every 4-8 weeks, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly to maximize the benefits of the treatment. Be sure that your reservation is at a time and day that works best with your schedule, and prebook your next treatment during check out. If you are not sure what day works best for your next visit, you can always book on our online booking system through the RELAX The Spa App, or call 585-412-4994 when you are ready to schedule.  Website for online scheduling at RELAX The Spa Rochester is http://rochester.relaxthespa.com/book-now