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Best Couples Massage in Rochester

If you are looking for the best place for a Couples Massage in Rochester, visit the RELAX The Spa. They offer exceptional ways for partners, couples or spouses to enjoy a massage simultaneously. Whatever choice you make concerning the type of massage you want; whether it’s a hot stone massage or the Swedish massage, RELAX The Spa Rochester is the perfect place to schedule your special event. Two skilled massage therapists work simultaneously to give you the best massage in Rochester.

Schedule Time for the Perfect Massage Experience

A couples massage is done in a large rooms that has two massage tables and sufficient space for the therapists to maneuver as they work. Each client has the chance to choose the type of massage he/she prefers.  Choose from Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or Hot Stone Massage for your couples massage experience in Rochester.  The main idea behind this is for couples to enjoy a mutual experience, have time away from their day-to-day activities and have their bodies revitalized. The massage session will, in turn, allow couples to be emotionally drawn closer to each other without any disturbance from the outside world.

Benefits of a Couples Massage for your Body

A good massage increases the level of dopamine and serotonin –“feel good” chemicals - in the human body, which are essential for reducing blood pressure, slowing of heartbeats, for sleep as well as healing. It has also been clinically proven that the chemicals also help in reducing anxiety, depression and stress.

Schedule Your Special Anniversary or Birthday Celebration at the Spa

Couples massage Rochester is synonymous to visiting a restaurant for a candle-lit dinner or out of town for a short vacation. More often than not, couples book in advance as a preliminary plan for an anniversary or a birthday. At RELAX The Spa Rochester, you will be treated like the king and queen you truly are as you enjoy the services.

Couples massage is not meant only for boyfriends and girlfriends, or just for husband and wives. Even daughters and mothers who wish to spend some time together or two friends who want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can also take advantage of the couples’ massage therapy.  In addition the duet massage room, RELAX The Spa Rochester has a pocket massage room with 2 rooms adjoined by a sliding door.  This allows for some privacy in preparation but allows the door to be open during the massage for friends or mother-daughter visit.

Full Service Day Spa with Pedicures, Facials, Massage and Body Treatments

The highlights of a couples massage Rochester are the warm reception you receive when you enter the spa. Not only will you be made comfortable, but you will also have the luxury of a warm neck wrap luxurious RELAX robe. These moments and the professional massage session you will undergo is an experience you and your other half will never forget.

Schedule Your Spa Day Getaway in Rochester

To schedule your couples massage at Rochester’s favorite day spa, call 585-412-4994.  Be sure to mention if you prefer the pocket door room!