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Best Couples Massage in Rochester

A couples massage uses a large room with two massage tables and sufficient space for the therapists to maneuver as they work. Each client may choose the type of massage: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or Hot Stone Massage.  Typically scheduled for a date night, anniversary celebration, birthday celebration or other milestone, the main idea behind this is for couples to have time away from their day-to-day activities. Schedule a couples massage in the large duet room, or the pocket door massage rooms. Read More

Summer Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

The biggest summertime skin problem is hyper pigmentation.  We tend to be exposed to the damaging rays of the sun, so hyperpigmentation (discoloration) tends to appear on our skin.  The best facial for hyperpigmentation is the Brightening Facial, a 50 minute service including 2 masks and a 2 layer peel to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage.  To address the hyper pigmentation concern at home, you really need to tackle it from every angle. Using a preventative, a corrective, and a protective will guarantee you the best result.  Read More

7 Tips for a Flawless Rochester Spa Visit

For the past 2 years we have provided thousands of Rochester massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and other wonderful spa treatments. Our RELAX The Spa team includes the best massage therapists, nail technicians, estheticians, and front desk coordinators in Rochester. We give our spa guests the best experience possible to make them feel and look good after a true spa visit. The experience is beautiful and serene with the dim lighting, soothing music and aroma of wonderful products. To get the most out of your spa experience, here’s 7 tips on what to do and what not to do. Read More