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6 Natural Plants and Herbs That Can Benefit You

For centuries, Kneipp herbal baths have been relieving physical and emotional aliments. Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th century German naturopath and priest, cured himself of a bad case of tuberculosis using the nature around him. Although we hope the aliments are less severe, at RELAX The Spa we hope to continue Sebastian’s tradition. So if you have stress, rough skin or just a case of the winter blues, RELAX The Spa located in Victor, NY may have just the answer for you.  The ingredients of these naturally unique products are plant and herb based. Here are just a few of Kneipp’s products and how they can benefit your body.

Relaxation for the Colder Months

Benefits: Acting as a natural disinfectant, eucalyptus aids in keeping your bodies defenses up while giving you a fresh breath of air during the cold, flu and allergy seasons.

Spruce & Pine
Benefits: A natural way to renew energy and warm the body. Spruce and pine work together to open up airways and aid in chest congestion all while stimulating the body to beat the winter blues.

Herbal Baths For Stress Relief

Mandarin & Orange
Benefits: A natural remedy to calm tension, stress and anxiety. Mandarin and orange work in unison to open the mind calm the nerves and uplift the spirit.

May Chang & Lemon
Benefits: Make room for a little sunshine in your life. Lemon sparks the body and mind leaving it rejuvenated as May Chang uplifts the spirit.

Baths to Rejuvenate your Skin

Jojoba Nut
Benefits: High in essential fatty acids, Jojoba nut leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. This natural emollient oil revitalizes all skin types. Its great for messages too!

Evening Primrose
Benefits: If your skin is in need of some intense moisture, this natural herb is the one for you. Evening Primrose protects and restores skin to its natural glory. It also aids in reducing redness after waxing and soothes the skin after sun exposure or allergic reactions.

Stop by our retail boutique at RELAX The Spa across from Eastview Mall for over 30 Kneipp herbal bath products