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5 Tips to Full & Beautiful Eyebrows in Rochester

  1. Don’t overtweeze.  Be sure that when you are tweezing, that you only tweeze the low hairs below the brow, nothing that affects the shape of the brow. 

    Be sure to come in for a brow sculpting every 4 weeks to stay on track!  Rochester Eyebrow Waxing is a quick, 10-15 minute service that can brighten your day.

  2. RevitaBrow is our retail brow enhancing serum that will boost the shape of your brows.

  3. Our Brow Gel with a non-permanent tint will enhance the appearance of your brows and keep your hairs in place.  Stop in for details.

  4. RELAX The Spa retails Brow Powder that comes in all different colors and is applied with a slanted brush. It makes your brows appear fuller.

Your eyebrows are the first thing that people see.  “Eyebrow sculpting is a little mini eye lift!” says Lisa Verdi, Esthetician at RELAX The Spa Rochester. 

Schedule a Rochester eyebrow wax today for sculpted, full looking brows.  Specialized waxing services at RELAX The Spa Rochester. Stop in to RELAX for a variety of specialty eyebrow enhancing retail products.  Call 585-412-4994 for scheduling and details.